What You Can do?

Become Children Champion!

Become our Volunteer! We call our Volunteers Children Champions! They help us in reaching out to more people! By becoming a Children Champion you can have a real impact in your community helping us to protect children from abuse.

The role is flexible to suit you. We work with you to shape plans around your strengths and interests.

If you want us to come to your child’s schools, refer it to us!


As a Children Champion you’ll be involved in a wide range of exciting activities in your local community. From approaching your RWA, to working with local groups; arranging Awareness Workshops, to publicising them through the social media. There really will never be a dull moment.


  • Teachers Training – If you are passionate about educating the young minds and help them understand concepts with clarity, we provide you with the necessary training and course materials so that you can help the children understand their rights as well as provide them support when they talk about abuse. You get to directly interact with the children and teach them. You can visit schools and camps and conduct classes on child rights.



  • Campaign champion – Turn your thinking cap on and design unique campaigns to spread awareness about prevention of child sexual abuse. You will be responsible for spreading the word about or organisation on social media pages along with conducting awareness drives and educating others. Moreover, Join us at our events to spread the message about importance of breaking the bubble of silence around child sexual abuse.

Be a part of Our Music Team! Use music as a medium to spread awareness.

  • Social media marketing – If you are media savvy with an exceptional online presence on Instagram and Facebook, You will be the connection between our organization and the outside world. You will be responsible for increasing our online presence as well as increase the awareness of child rights and child abuse.
  • Workshop organiser – Through this you get an opportunity to organise workshop and teach the students about their rights, helping them understand the meaning of it and supporting them when they share their stories. You will get to interact with children and get their perspective and experiences about their rights and abuse.
  • Street blogging – We are on the lookout for onsite bloggers who can interview people and blog about their awareness of child rights. Interviewing people from various backgrounds will provide us with a clearer picture of the current awareness level and will help us formulate future strategies to educate more people.