What we do?


Our Voix offer FREE preventive programs on Child Sexual Abuse for classes between (I-VI). The course is designed after referencing renowned researches, consulting psychologists, lawyers, principals, teachers and parents. The knowledge is imparted to children in culturally appropriate, age specific, child-friendly manner with due respect to our values. We also provide sensitisation to parents on the issue and ways to start the talk with their children without being uncomfortable. Children feel empowered and get tools to face difficult situation. Trained volunteers explain in a child friendly manner. Due respect is paid to Indian culture and our human values.

a) Workshop Duration: 25 Minutes
b) Target Audience: Class I-VI
c) Class/ Group Size: 40 to 60
d) Places: Government Schools, Private Schools, Welfare Homes, Ngo’s, Locality etc.
e) Learning Objective:

  • Aware of body parts and private parts
  • Knowledge of good and bad touch
  • Empowered to know the difference
  • Power to say NO to sexual abuse
  • Identify Abuse
  • Take Corrective Action


Awareness sessions are conducted for parents with an aim to sensitize and aware them about the issue of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) to enable them to protect children from potential abuse.
We provide guidance to parents to start the talk with the children on the topic in a child friendly manner without being uncomfortable.

a) Workshop Duration: 2 Hour
b) Target Audience: Parents
c) Class/ Group Size: Minimum 20


Workshop for Corporates to sensitise them about Child Sexual Abuse and role that can be played by them in preventing it.

a) Workshop Duration: 2 Hour
b) Class/ Group Size: Minimum 20

College Students

Awareness workshops are conducted for college students with an aim to create awareness about the issue of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) to enable them to protect children as future parents. We believe youth are the force to bring change. We also train interested students to be our Volunteer and make a major impact in the lives of other children.

a) Workshop Duration: 1 Hour to 2 Hour
b) Class/ Group Size: Minimum 20
c) Learning Objectives: After completing this session, participants will be able to

  • Be Empowered and Aware others
    Explain what child sexual abuse is and why children need to be protected
  • Explain why youth can play an important role in protecting their cousins from child sexual abuse and responding to child sexual abuse
  • Identify actions that can be taken within the family or household and within the community to protect children from child sexual abuse
  • Recognize the signs of potential or actual sexual abuse
    Understanding grooming and the offender
Free Psychological Advice

Free psychological advice on the issue of sexual abuse of children. Counselling is provided to children which assist them to feel safe and secure and helps develop their self-esteem. Adolescents are also able to heal and come into a process of recovery so that the rest of their lives is not very affected by their past experiences of abuse.