A neighbor sexually abused a five-year-old boy.

A teacher sexually harassed an eight-year-old student.

Minor raped and murdered by mother’s friend.

Do you come across such headlines regularly? If yes, how did you feel when you read it?

Did you go on to read what happened to the innocent child? Or you just skipped to another story thinking that it’s another story?

Do you think that child sexual abuse can be prevented?

Have you witnessed sexual abuse first hand when you were a child? Or has anyone shared their story with you?

Has anybody abused a child in front of you? Did you raise your voice against it?


Take your TIME to answer these questions.


Let us answer one question for you.

Yes, child sexual abuse can be prevented. How? By raising your voice.

We, at Our Voix, are working towards primary prevention of child sexual abuse. By conducting workshops, we empower children, parents and youth to raise their voice.

With this blog, we aim to reach out to you to inform you how gruesome the situation is, to tell you that it can be changed, to share our experiences with you.



Written by Saumya Agrawal.