How to be Cyber Safe. In conversation with Mr Rakshit Tandon | Our Voix #safehome4child
On 21st May we had Mr.Rakshit Tandon Join us for a live session on Instagram with our founder Megha Bhatia - Our Voix. Rakshit sir is a cybersecurity expert working closely with the cyber cells across the country and training policemen, he is a speaker on cybersecurity and has addressed 3.2 million kids across 1500+ schools. His knowledge in this field is tremendous and we gathered a lot of information on the same.  He believes that cybersecurity should be a culture in the present digital era. From the day we introduce a gadget to a child, we should teach the importance of being safe online. It is never impossible to track anyone down, because of the digital footprints. The best way to learn is by teaching cyber laws from a…
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