Safe Home For Children During COVID19
Trigger warning: This article talks about child sexual abuse. For some people, home is the safest place. While for some, in their homes, lies the darkest of horrors and fear. There are children in homes which are not safe for them. Which are vulnerable at a stage that they can be abused by a known person. The roar of their abuser overpowers their voices and makes them mute. As parents, and as a human being, the time has come to start the talk with your children to tell them their superpowers. Teach them about body safety and ensure that their power of voice is ignited against any kind of abuse. Aware children about their power over their body, the power to judge the touch, the power to trust, power of…
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This is a tough time but together we will fight against this. You can join us for our sessions on mental health from our Instagram account.
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