Raahgiri Day

Our Voix performed a musical stage play sangeet-e-naatak to spread awareness on issues like child sexual abuse, marital rape, corporal punishments and other types of child abuse at Raahgiri on 30th January in CP.

In a country like India which is evidently climbing the hills of economic and development rankings around the world, such evils only become a big roadblock in the ways of progress. Sexual abuse is a critical topic and spreading awareness about the same can become typical but Our Voix conveyed just the right message through their musical play. With relatable storylines and heart touching acting, Our Voix was able to convey the importance of awareness of such topics and even moved some of the audience to tears.

Nearly 94% of the sexual abusers constitute of family members or someone that we know. Despite of banning corporal punishments, children are still beaten up.
90% of these cases go unreported because people are unaware of the laws related to them. Our Voix emphasises on the importance of individual voice because in you’ll never realise when a single voice becomes one among the many!

Through fun ways and volunteers who understand the depth of these critical topics, Our Voix is supporting and inspiring the people to raise their voice against sexual abuse. It not only works against sexual abuse but also supports young leaders and promote youngsters to be the changemakers. The our voix team constitutes of many young leaders and college going students. Together, they are hustling and doing their part towards this social cause. They have made people realize that they’ve been living in a toxic environment and inspired them to fight their way out. Our Voix is constantly working to provide children a better and safer future while making constant efforts to build a better and more agile Society.

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