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Humare Super buddies Humare Rakshak: A short animated film to enlighten kids about child sexual abuse

The grave topic like child sexual abuse is being brought to light on World Child Right Day by Ms Megha Bhatia founder of Our Voix in collaboration with Banswara Syntx Ltd. Our Voix is a non-profit organisation that works on prevention of child sexual abuse.

Humare Super Buddies Humare Rakshak is a short-animated film on prevention of child sexual abuse. The animated movies which will help children to identify sexual abuse and speak up against the same. Our Voix organisation launched 4 such short-animated films which was Inaugurated by Mr Priyank Kanoongo, Hon’ble Chairperson of the NCPCR.

Humare Super buddies Humare Rakshak, people from 8+ states joined (Punjab, Haryana, UP, Karnataka, Tripura, Maharashtra, Delhi, Orissa, and even from London). The participants took a keen interest in the venture. The comment section was flooded with positive reviews quoting words like “Very Informative,” “Buddy ke buddy Super buddy aa Jao” was a common slogan that being typed in the union.” A very beautiful comment was made when a child said: “Never stay quiet thinking about reputation.”

The event included the perspective of a 15-year-old child also, Miss Mannat Sawhney, a student from Sanskriti School expressed – “She shared her perspective as a child saying – Proper Sex Education should be included in the curriculum.” “Our Voice coming together for the protection of children in a child-friendly way.” She also added in the end “Let us make it big and climb the slope to make bachpan safe.”

Ms Megha Bhatia shared her valuable thoughts “She also expressed that she strongly believes that children should not be just seen but heard too.  She pointed “Today, we are not launching not just movies, but a revolution that children should be made aware of their rights over their body.” Let us raise our voices for the present and future of our children.

Kavita Ma’am, Sr VP CSR of Banswara Syntex Ltd also enlightened with her views saying – “She believes that people from big corporations should come forward and contribute to this cause to make a bigger impact. She feels that this is important for every child & we should raise our voice against it.”

Mr Priyank Kanoogo (Hon’ble Chairperson National Commission for Protection of Child Rights) inaugurated the short-animated film on World Child Rights Day. Mr Priyank Kanoogo shared his valuable thoughts by saying “He congratulated Ms Megha Bhatia (founder of Our Voix) and Kavita Ma’am (Sr. VP, CSR Banswara Ltd.) for their great endeavour to prevent child sexual abuse. He laid stress on the lifelong impact of the heinous crime. He also added that it will help in sensitization of the present as well as the future of children.”

The first film spread awareness about “THE POWERS” by our Super Buddies. It describes powers namely –

1. Our body is our power. Even our private parts. We have right over them.

 2. The power of safe touch and unsafe touch can be differentiated. Safe touch which makes us comfortable and Unsafe touch makes us uncomfortable or sad. The Movie covers aspects of non- touch abuse too.

3. The third power is our voice to say NO and Power to Trust

 It encourages parents to report about the crime by thinking beyond shackles of reputation. It is shown how complaints against Biren Uncle and Sujata Aunty (short animated movie characters) were made.

Second Movie: Encourages parents and teachers to step forward to break the silence. The awareness about the confidentiality that is being maintained while lodging complaints.

Third Movie: The movie explains the early signs which can help teachers and adults to identify sexual abuse such as aggression, inability to sit, staying alone and depressed.

Fourth Movie: It explains various self-defence techniques we can opt while being abused.

These movies are different because they are available in sign language. These short films are made by taking 100 + recommendations received from 120+ stakeholders in India from 11+states and individuals from the United Kingdom to ensure a culturally diverse perspective. People from different fields such as doctors, lawyers, consultants, and students joined the screening of the animated short movie.

It is an eye-opening event for students, children, teachers to prevent the abuse. The event was a catalyst change in the mindset and breaking the barrier of the social stigma. It covered information for all aspects of child sexual abuse about how teachers, parents, students, and everyone can come and stand against this evil in unity.

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