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On 21st May we had Mr.Rakshit Tandon Join us for a live session on Instagram with our founder Megha Bhatia – Our Voix. Rakshit sir is a cybersecurity expert working closely with the cyber cells across the country and training policemen, he is a speaker on cybersecurity and has addressed 3.2 million kids across 1500+ schools. His knowledge in this field is tremendous and we gathered a lot of information on the same.

 He believes that cybersecurity should be a culture in the present digital era. From the day we introduce a gadget to a child, we should teach the importance of being safe online. It is never impossible to track anyone down, because of the digital footprints. The best way to learn is by teaching cyber laws from a young age.

He mentioned several platforms to report cyberbullying, is a cybercrime portal to report online abuse. Women & Children can report anonymously on this portal. A twitter handle managed by the Ministry of Home Affairs – @cyberdost concentrates on cyber awareness. A helpline number to file a complaint on cybercrime – 155260.

With social distancing in process, he suggests people follow information distancing as well. Before posting anything online he urges people to follow STP ( Stop, Think, Post ) as everything we do online is there forever. Creating good content and reporting unwanted content is the responsibility of every digital consumer.

He tells us parents play an important role in upbringing their children by providing the right environment. Talking to children about sex and relationships is very important as children are exposed to such vulnerable content online. With less knowledge on such matters and peer pressure, they consume content in a wrong way. Parents should know the technology being used and have a check on age-appropriate content for their children. Screen time management is a real necessity.

Listening to music, meditation, and spending time with family are his stressbusters. He is a good singer as well and entertained us with a Ghazal.

On an ending note, he asked us to follow digital rules, to make good content, stay away from stalking, and thereby create good digital footprints.

You can reach out to him on his Instagram – @rakshit.tandon, he will be happy to clear your queries. Conversation with him was enlightening and we look forward to having many more conversations.

Our Voix is constantly in pursuit against child sexual abuse in India, feel free to contact us anytime. 

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