How can you add your voice to Our Voix?

How can you add your voice to Our Voix?


Do you want to help the children in realizing the latent power of their voice? Do you want to see changes on the ground while developing your own distinct skills?

If yes, Our Voix is the answer.

We, here at Our Voix, believe not only in developing a safer environment for children but also in encouraging youth to become change makers and to realize the power that their actions can possess.

To add your voix to Our Voix, you can be a Children’s Champion and volunteer on the ground. From approaching the RWA, working with local groups, arranging workshop and publicizing them to content writing, social media marketing, research and administration, your role as a volunteer can be as dynamic as it can get.

You get to choose your role according to your skills and area of interest. The roles are flexible and are designed to make you realize your skills while polishing them on the field simultaneously.

 “Our Voix is more than an NGO to me, it’s my family,” champion Anshika Sharma says. Elaborating her experience she adds on to her story by saying, “From street blogging to workshops to going to slums for children, I have grown as an individual. I have learned to empathize, lead people and co-ordinate. I discovered my hidden talent of photography, street blogging and teaching.”

Nandini Gautam, another champion, while sharing her journey so far says, “Our Voix is making me more aware about the work that needs to be done and is being done in the direction to prevent child sexual abuse. My whole heart resides with the smiles we bring on children’s faces. More love and power to each one of us.”

Our Voix has helped many youngsters like Anshika and Nandini to realize their hidden talents while serving for the bigger cause. While some of them polished their pre-existing talents, others realised their hidden qualities. All of them have blossomed into beautiful sunflowers. We promise you that it would not just be a job but a life-changing experience for you.

Apart from adding on to the manpower at Our Voix, you can also organise fundraisers to raise money that will help the children to have a better future by preventing child sexual abuse. The fundraisers help the organisation to collect the funds for conducting workshops and spreading awareness about good touch/bad touch and Prevention of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act.  Drop an email at to get your fundraiser guide today which will guide you through the process of fundraising. You can also contribute to the cause by buying Our Voix merchandise like tote bags. Spread awareness with style through Our Voix’s chic merchandise.

 Be a change-maker, raise your voice!