Global Bubble Parade : Breaking the Bubble of Silence

 Bubble Parade 

Our Voix and Those In Need collaborated to bring ‘Global Bubble Parade’ to the capital city yesterday, 26th May 2019.

Through this event, they aimed to break the bubble of silence which has shackled us for long, foster dialogue and celebrate the power of voice.

Bubble Parade saw a confluence of people from diverse backgrounds which organically created a nexus of social change-makers. The widespread outreach stood as a testimony to the success of the parade. The atmosphere was of conviction, channelized towards positive societal change through the stories and experiences shared by many.

The event incorporated creative activities like face-painting, singing, music through which they conveyed a message to awaken the city about the rampant cases of child sexual abuse. The youth participated enthusiastically across all activities with a sense of purpose. They all stood and marched in solidarity in strength to evoke the will to change.

There was a lot of buzz about the performance by Counselors who enthralled all. The harbingers of change also took a Pledge to not be silenced, instead to raise their voice for good.

The young change-aspirants were eager to be a part of this movement in Delhi. All marched on with banners saying ‘We stand for bachpan’ and ‘If not now, when? If not us, who?” The totality of these causes gave an impetus to spreading awareness and empathy among all.

Megha Bhatia, CEO and Founder of Our Voix said :

“By bringing Global Bubble Parade to New Delhi, we aimed to sow the seed for positive change. We must not go down the ignorant lane when it comes to innocent children. The first step in tackling child sexual abuse is to break the silence which has encaged us and encourage sharing of experiences and stories.”

About Those In Need

Those In Need is India’s first comprehensive matchmaking platform for non-profits and volunteers connecting civil society organizations with volunteers. They have a unique reward point system called TINstones where they reward all their volunteers for their social work and encourage them for volunteering work. Those In Need provides a network platform to various NGOs, volunteers, educational institutions and others to maximize the impact of their philanthropic efforts.

About Our Voix

Our Voix Foundation’s vision is to make childhood safe for children again. We work on prevention of Child Sexual Abuse. Our Voix holds awareness and empowerment workshops for Children, Principals, Teachers, Parents, and College Students. Moreover, the development of online and offline resources to prevent abuse and make stakeholders aware of children rights is another major activity being carried out by the organization. Also, it is worth mentioning that Our Voix is working on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 3, 4, 5 and 16 as a strategic mission for community development.


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