We all know about how serious the problem of Child Sexual Abuse is and it’s a need for prevention. Child sexual abuse is a crime which not only affects the child’s physical and mental health but also hampers their cognitive and social development.

To raise voice against this heinous crime Our Voix, a non-profit organization primarily working on the prevention of child sexual abuse held an event, The Bubble Parade, at Raahgiri, CP, New Delhi. Our Voix collaborated with Those in Need, India’s first comprehensive matchmaking platform for non-profits and volunteers.

Global Bubble parade was lead by Our Voix and its volunteers and Those in Need. It was volunteered by various people from different professions who were quite enthusiastic and excited and added abundant energy to the show. The event’s primary aim was to create and spread awareness about Child sexual abuse and its prevention measures. This awareness was conducted through various fun-filled activities.

The event started around 7 a.m. in the morning with the registration process of the audience.

Firstly, an ice-breaking session was conducted by Miss Sunidhi, Founder of the Reaching Sky Foundation, where a game was played and we were taught to raise our voice against child sexual abuse

This was followed by the next event of  Chicken Dance which was prepared by the champions of Our Voix. People including the elderly enjoyed it and also participated in it and had fun.

This was followed by a beautiful musical performance by the musical band of Our Voix because when words fail, music speaks. A number of inspirational songs were sung in chorus by the band which lifted and lightened the mood of the people. The audience gradually joined the band in singing and adored the performance. It was wonderful to see volunteers of Shades of Happiness holding placards on which it was written “If not us, then who, if not now then when”; “I stand for bachpan.”

Meanwhile, our other volunteers were engaged in Face Painting. In this, the volunteers drew bubbles on the faces of people,  it indicated the need to break the bubble of silence against child sexual abuse and encouraged us to raise our voice.

After the Musical performance, a pledge was taken to commit ourselves to provide a safe and secure environment for the children and to shatter the silence around child sexual abuse. People from different professions joined and stated that “We will shatter the silence around child sexual abuse, We pledge to raise our voice, We pledge to stand for bachpan”.

Miss Megha Bhatia took the oath and everyone else followed her. Next, was the performance by the counselors. The counselors spread awareness in a demonstrative and easy going manner. Through their act, they conveyed that silence is not acceptable and we need to speak out. It also made us learn how to say No to Child sexual abuse and showed the graveside of the victim and how one can say No to the offender.  The message was spread to all and everyone conveyed moral from the act performed.

The last activity was the Bubble Parade around the inner circle. It was great to see the youth of Delhi come together to break the bubble of silence around child sexual abuse. While parading, the volunteers and members started to chant and cry out slogans such as I STAND FOR BACHPAN, I WILL BREAK THE SILENCE AROUND CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE and I WILL RAISE MY VOICE. We also discussed the statistics and ratios of child sexual abuse in India.

Eventually the event ended with people sharing their past incidents about Child sexual abuse and its prevention’s which were significantly brave and inspirational.

Therefore the event was quite a success and people got the message from our show that child sexual abuse is a grave issue and its prevention is extremely necessary. Overall, it was a fun-filled event with amusing activities. It was also great to see the youth of Delhi to break-through the conventional patterns of prevention and hence making a difference and impact in society.