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Check the talk of Our Founder Megha Bhatia at TEDx Talk uploaded by Official TEDx Talks.

Our Voix Workshop, Kirti nagar

The Our Voix team geared up and sprung to action to
organize an interactive and enthusing workshop. The young
and energized children were taught by the team members
about good touch and bad touch through a ‘Safe Touch
Awareness Workshop’. Children were encouraged to break
the silence and use their voice to speak up if they were ever
in danger or they feared being violated. The team combined
fun and frolic with a message of paramount importance to
engage and educate the future.

Live Talk| Day 1

Megha and Madhav used the power of technology to reach
out to people from all walks of life. The live Facebook
session explores topics from emotional abuse, physical
abuse and an in depth conversation of sexual abuse. She
explained the dimensions of abuse like assault, harassment.
Giving an example of a crinkled paper and asking whether
the paper could be un-crinkled, she jolted the consciousness
of the people. Megha encourages all the viewers to not just
limit the fervor of giving back to society in conversations but
to act upon it. Every action, no matter its magnitutde has an

Phenomenal talk with Megha Bhatia


Our Voix| Show reel

Since its inception the organization Our VOix has
come a long way, with only one aim in mind, to make
childhood safer. With a 10,000 online support base,
the organization has many parts of the world which is
evident from the 50 volunteers that have contributed
their valuable time to the organization. More than
2000 children have been impacted by the 51+
workshops. Over the years Our Voix has collaborated
with over 15 organizations. The impact just keeps
multiplying, and change is just on the horizon, with
each day inching us closer to make the world a safe
place for children.

Video| Leader

In a chat with the child leader Raja, we find out that he has
actively informed other children and his peers about child
sexual abuse. Children like Raja, serve as proof that change
is not an abstract concept rather a tangible impact only if we
wish to act upon a noble cause.

Live Talk | Megha & Madhav | Day 3

We have started with one of Major Social Media CampaingBy Going Live Everyday from 16th till 19th April 2018 On Facebook Discussing Issues Related to Child Sexual Abuse!
Our Mission Is To Prevent Children from Becoming a VICTIM or CULPRIT to Sexual Abuse.
Video Credits: Concept By Megha Bhatia
Developed By Madhav Sharma
SHOT & EDITED By Team Creative Amble Studios

Street talk

The team of Our Voix, take to the winding streets of
Connaught place to find out from you, the people, about
what you think child sexual abuse is. They sensitized the
public about the various ways in which in can take place,
and the different impacts and experiences that victims have
had in the past. They cleared some of the common
misconceptions that people have regarding sexual abuse.
The interviewees probably didn’t think that a trip to
Connaught Place could make them wiser!

Video| Educational rhyme

This musical rhyme engages the concept of unsolicited touch
in a manner that children can comprehend and apply it in
their daily lives.

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