A 23 old girl was raped and after that we got a revolutionary change in our laws related to rape. Why are waiting for rapes to happen? Marches to take place and then bring sensible change? Why not before?

It is worth mentioning here, a #Metoo campaign exposed the sexual harassment of women at the different sectors, the day is not far away when the #childrentoo campaign will be the trending hashtag. In our country where every second child is getting sexually abused. Children fail to raise their voice due to the lack of platforms and environment where they can raise their voice.

 Let’s together work on the prevention of sexual abuse before our children lips get stitched by the abuser. Let’s prevent sexual abuse before the cloud of harassment wraps our children. Let’s stand for bachpan. Let’s stand for all the good memories of childhood together.

As rightly said by Mahatma Gandhi Ji, “ Be the change you wish to see in the world”. Be the change. No matter which profession you are from, you have a role to play in being the voice for children.

  Megha Bhatia

  Founder Our Voix