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Our Voix In Association with Banswara Syntex Limited is Launching Animated Movie on Child
Sexual Abuse Prevention | Humare Super Buddies Humare Rakshak|
Launch Event: 20 November 2020

In India, every second child is sexually abused (2007 Study, Ministry of Women, and Child Development). The majority of these cases go unreported either due to a lack of awareness and societal stigmas surrounding
child sexual abuse. Our Voix Foundation is a not-for-profit organization working on the prevention of all forms of child sexual abuse through resource development and workshops to generate awareness. Our
Voix, in collaboration with Banswara Syntex Limited, is releasing a series of animated movies – Humare Super Buddies, Humare Rakshak – to educate young children, parents, and teachers on the prevention of
child sexual abuse through guiding characters – our Super Buddies.
In order to design child-sensitive awareness movies, it is necessary to adopt an approach that is inclusive of all relevant stakeholders, ranging from children from different age-groups and gender, parents, child
psychologists, teachers, lawyers, child-rights activists, and members of State Commissions on Protection of Child Rights. The movie series is based on 100+ recommendations received from 120+ stakeholders from 11+ states of India and individuals from the United Kingdom to ensure a culturally diverse perspective. These recommendations included the importance of debunking general myths, such as boys aren’t vulnerable to abuse or females are not abusers. Additionally, many recommendations were received for the inclusion of information about reporting mechanisms and the means to avail the same due to the current lack of awareness.
Psychologist Francesca Moresi who is trained to address child-related matters suggests that children can develop morals and values through the idea of super-heroes which makes it easier for them to distinguish
between good and bad. The animated movies also take up two ‘Super Buddies’ that have been carefully penned down in roles where they share knowledge, facts about the “powers” and “rights” of children. In
addition to this, the movie series is inclusive through its accompanying sign language provision for those with hearing impairment since safety – education must be an inclusive process. The movie series will break the silence surrounding child sexual abuse by the creation of safe spaces for
all involved stakeholders with correction information taught to children in order to empower and educate them in a fun and interactive manner. Moreover, The movie will help children to identify sexual abuse
and speak up against the same. Will be a great resource for stakeholders to identify early warning signs and report the abuse.
In addition to this, Article 17 (c ) of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child encourages the production and dissemination of children’s rights audio-visual content which can help increase the wellbeing of children both physically and mentally. Our Voix has taken a significant step and helped India achieve that. Our Voix through the launch of the movie will also be playing a crucial role in achieving the sustainable development goal 16.2 to end violence against children.

Taking this forward, Our Voix Foundation, in association with Banswara Syntex Limited, is launching the animated movie 20 November 2020, on International Child Rights day. At the Virtual launch Event, people will be joining us from 11+ states, 2+ Countries, which will include members of the state commissions and different stakeholders. The guest speaker at the movie screening is Mr. Priyank Kanoongo, Hon’ble Chairperson National Commission for Protection of Child Rights; Megha Bhatia, Founder of Our Voix and LLM from University College of London, Kavita Ma’am, SR VP
CSR of Banswara Syntex Ltd. And Manat, student of Sanskriti School.
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Trailer Link:

And join us at the Virtual Launch event by signing up at the link below:
Date: 20th November 2020
Time: 11AM-12PM
Platform: Zoom
Together make childhood safe again.

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