About Our Voix

OUR VOIX is a not for profit organisation working on the prevention of Child Sexual Abuse. We know child sexual abuse is preventable and not inevitable. We conduct workshops for prevention of Child Sexual Abuse at schools, colleges, corporates, etc. We have reached out to 15,000+ Children with our workshops. Volunteer base in London, the USA and different states in India. Our workshops encourage Awareness and Prevention by empowering children in a child friendly and psychologists approved manner. OUR VOIX started its presence in London. Our team members include Lawyers, Psychologists, Management Consultants, etc. who are working from London, USA and India.

In our country where violence against children is increasing day by day, we believe in together making childhood safe again! Our #istandforbachpan campaign has received celebrity support. Our Voix work has been featured in the Times of India, NDTV, etc. 

Our Mission

  • To prevent children from becoming victim or culprit to sexual abuse.
  • To empower children by imparting knowledge of good touch and bad touch.

Our Vision

Our Voix vision is to offer preventive programs on child sexual abuse. We believe knowledge is power! The course is designed after immense research on various case studies and journals by renowned researchers, psychologists, lawyers, principals, teachers and parents. The knowledge is imparted to children in culturally appropriate, age specific, child-friendly manner with due respect to our values. We also provide sensitisation to parents on the issue and ways to start the talk with their children without being uncomfortable.