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By Society Mutter


The need to educate children on their rights and safety is pressing in the current state of the country. To cater to this, Our Voix, a youth-led organisation launched a comic book on 10th August 2019, titled Know Your Rights. The book involves the protagonists, Super Buddies, coming to the rescue of children when their rights were violated.  The book was written in a comic book form in order to pique the interest of young minds and to bridge the communication gap between children and their parents on these tense topics.

The superheroes of the book educate the children in order to equip them with the necessary acts that protect them. This includes acts on child abuse, child labor and on the Indian Constitution. Most importantly, the comic book emphasizes on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). The UN drafted 54 necessary articles that provided governments with terms that they were required to meet. The guidelines were aimed at the protection of children and their well-being.  The comic book, in an entertaining and engaging way, deals with subjects such as abuse, bullying, good touch and bad touch violence and neglect. The book encourages children to identify people and situations that make them uncomfortable and speak up and voice their opinion against wrongdoings.

The launch event of the book saw several panel discussions which involved both parents and children.  Parents voiced their concerns for their children during these sessions. Child psychologists, teachers and child activists were an active part of the panels. The psychologists highlighted the importance of this aspect of education for young children. Teachers were advised to notice signs of bullying and harassment in children. Several child activists were called to stage in order to highlight their experiences of feeling uncomfortable or unsafe.

The organisation aims to distribute the books to several schools and to ensure its availability to all children. The content of the books is extremely relevant during the present day and would help empower children into recognizing and standing up for their own rights at a young age.

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